m.globe FAQs
What is m.globe?
m.globe is the new mobile portal of Globe. Get the best of the web and Globe in one place. Keep in touch with your friends using Facebook and Twitter. stay connected anywhere using Yahoo! Mail, GMail and Windows Live Hotmail. Get the latest news and updates local and global news sources.
Who can use m.globe?
m.globe is open to both prepaid and postpaid Globe subscribers with a mobile Internet capable phone and XHTML browser. TM subscribers are not currently supported.
Do I need a Facebook or Twitter account to use m.globe?
No. You have access to a limited number of features and pages, like searching the Globe site for products and services, without logging in using Facebook or Twitter. To get your account information and customise your m.globe experience, you will need a Facebook or Twitter Account.
What are the email providers supported with m.globe?
Yahoo! & Gmail
Can I add my own RSS feed?
Not at this time.
Can I search the web using m.globe?
Yes. Key in a search term and click search. In the results page, click on the 'web' link to see your web search results.
Can I post status updates using m.globe?
Yes. Click on 'Post Status' in the social network section to post to your Facebook and/or Twitter.
How much does it cost to use m.globe?
Currently, m.globe is free for prepaid subscribers using myGlobe Connect APN. Prepaid and postpaid subscribers using Internet APN are subject to standard browsing rates. Subscribers on Unlimited surf promo are not subject to any additional charges.
Will I get charged if I use m.globe even if subscribed to an unlimited Facebook or Twitter promo?
If you are a subscriber on internet APN, you are subject to standard browsing charges.
Can I view my other Globe account information using m.globe?
Currently, you may only view the account information of the mobile number you used to register in m.globe.
What kind of account information can I find at m.globe?
For postpaid subscribers, you can view your outstanding balance and unhooked charges. For prepaid subscribers, you may check your available balance.
Why do I see a page warning me of Internet browsing charges when I click on some links in m.globe?
The advice of charge warning page is displayed as a protective measure whenever you try to access a page outside of the portal or select features in m.globe that are subject to standard browsing charges.
 m.globe Android App & Widget FAQs
Where do I get the m.globe Android application?
The m.globe Android application will be available in the Android Market and globe.com.ph/downloads.
What version of the Android OS will the application run on?
Android OS v2.1, 2.2, 2.3
I installed the application, how do I add the widget to my home screen?
Make sure you're at the home screen. Click on add and select widgets. From the list of widgets, choose the Globe Android widget.
Do I get charged whenever my widget gets updates from the portal?
Standard browsing charges apply for users on Internet APN.
What effect will the widget have on my phone's battery life?
If the update interval for the widget is set at quick intervals (e.g every 3 minutes) you may experience shorter battery life. For best results, set the update interval to manual in the application's preferences page.